Admissions Information

Our Admissions Process

At Longbranch Recovery, we understand that seeking help for addiction can be a challenging decision. We ensure that each interaction with our compassionate admissions specialists is treated with understanding, respect and strict adherence to confidentiality. Our admissions team is here to listen empathetically to your situation and guide you through the required steps to join our program or refer you to another appropriate facility.

Once it is determined that our program aligns with your needs, we will proceed with an intake assessment and schedule an arrival date at one of our New Orleans treatment facilities – often within 1-2 days from the first call. Our team facilitates every aspect of logistics from the initial contact through arrival: including interventions if necessary, consultation for families, travel arrangements, packing lists assistance and insurance verification.

Interventions When Your Loved One is Resistant To Treatment

If your loved one does not want to seek treatment on their own accord or if they resist professional help , an intervention may be necessary. At Longbranch Recovery Center, we collaborate closely with experienced interventionists specializing in drug and alcohol interventions which assists family members throughout this process so that their loved one receives proper care aligned towards their specific needs.

We provide drug and alcohol interventions in the following areas: