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New information shows a direct link between negative health outcomes in newborns and mothers who used cannabis during pregnancy. But even as this information is making its way into the mainstream, other research suggests that more women use cannabis during pregnancy than in recent years.

To ensure health and well-being for babies and their mothers, families and young mothers need to understand that cannabis use is harmful to both unborn and newborn babies.

As cannabis use increases in pregnant women, negative outcomes in newborns become evident

In collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, researchers from the University of California, San Diego, compiled and analyzed information about cannabis use in expectant mothers and the effects of their cannabis use on newborns. Your paper was published in the magazine Addiction.

While research did not show a direct cause-and-effect relationship between prenatal cannabis exposure and negative health outcomes, researchers found a higher incidence of negative outcomes in babies born to mothers who used cannabis during pregnancy. According to NIDA reporting, “Infants of women with cannabis use disorders were more likely to be born prematurely than children in the control group, had a low birth weight and were short for their gestational age. … Investigators also analyzed infant death certificates in conjunction with birth certificates and found that while infant mortality was overall rare (less than 1% in each group), infants of women with a cannabis use disorder diagnosed at birth were 35% more likely died within one year of birth as children of the control group. Correlation does not imply causality, but it is alarming that babies born to mothers who use cannabis are more likely to have negative health outcomes.

The researchers also found that cannabis use is more common among pregnant mothers than it used to be. In 2001, only around 2.8% of pregnant mothers reported using cannabis themselves. But in 2012, 6.9% reported such use.

Cannabis use before pregnancy – creating the conditions for risks

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Smoking marijuana can affect fertility and the likelihood of miscarriage or stillbirth. According to the MGH Center for Women’s Health, “Female marijuana users are about twice as likely to lose pregnancy. This finding is in line with studies conducted in the general population that show an increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. ”For a healthy and viable newborn, expectant mothers should avoid cannabis use.

Cannabis Use During Pregnancy – The Effects Of Cannabis On Fetal Development

Although some women report using marijuana to combat severe pregnancy-related nausea, it should be noted that marijuana is an addicting drug. It also poses a risk to fetal survival and development. According to a NIDA report on the subject, “some associations have been found between marijuana use during pregnancy and future developmental and hyperactivity disorders in children. The evidence as to whether marijuana use by pregnant women is linked to low birth weight or premature birth varies, although long-term use can increase these risks. Research has shown that pregnant women who use marijuana are 2.3 times more likely to have stillbirth. ”Given these factors, it is important to avoid cannabis for expectant mothers.

“Moderate levels of THC, when given to mothers during pregnancy or breastfeeding, can have long-term effects on the child …”

Cannabis use not only harms unborn and newborn children directly. There are also persistent risk factors as cannabis use during pregnancy affects the development of children and adolescents. Again citing NIDA data, “Moderate levels of THC, when given to mothers during pregnancy or breastfeeding, could have long-term effects on the child, including increased sensitivity to stress and abnormal patterns of social interactions. … At school, children exposed to marijuana are more likely to show gaps in problem-solving skills, memory, and the ability to remain alert. ”Since marijuana use during pregnancy can have long-term negative effects on babies, should Women do not use marijuana before, during, or after pregnancy.

Cannabis Use After Pregnancy – Persistent Risks for Newborns


The main concern about a mother’s cannabis use immediately after pregnancy is whether or not THC may affect a newborn’s development from breastfeeding. At the time of writing, very little is known about marijuana use and breastfeeding.

Some experts believe that moderate amounts of THC pass into breast milk when a nursing mother uses marijuana. One study states: “Some evidence shows that exposure to THC from breast milk in the first month of life can lead to decreased motor development by the age of 1 year. Since a baby’s brain is still developing, the THC in breast milk could interfere with brain development. ”Although experts insist that more research is done to determine the long-term effects on babies breastfed by cannabis users, there are enough concerns and risks for the medical community here to encourage women Not Consume cannabis while breastfeeding.

Marijuana and Pregnancy – Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

As marijuana becomes more legal and accepted, and more women seek it as a potential treatment for morning sickness and other pregnancy-related symptoms, women are asking questions about marijuana and pregnancy. Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • Q: What Are The Potential Health Effects Of Marijuana During Pregnancy?
  • A: Using marijuana during pregnancy can cause health problems in newborns, both from the THC in cannabis and from the smoke the mother inhales while taking the drug.
  • Q: Can Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Negatively Affect a Postpartum Baby?
  • A: Yes. Some experts believe that using marijuana while pregnant can make it difficult for a child to pay attention, learn, and develop normally.
  • Q: Does marijuana use affect breastfeeding?
  • A: Yes. THC chemicals from marijuana can travel to a fetus through the placenta and to newborns through breast milk.
  • Q: Should expectant mothers avoid marijuana while pregnant?
  • A: Yes. According to the CDC, pregnant mothers shouldn’t use marijuana.

If an expectant mother is seeking relief from nausea, vomiting, or other uncomfortable symptoms, she should speak to her doctor about effective and safe treatment for her and her unborn child. Just because marijuana is a natural plant compound doesn’t make it safe for mom or Your baby.

The Importance of Help With Substance Abuse Drug In front Get pregnant

At no point should anyone demonize mothers-to-be, but we should should Encourage women struggling with substance abuse to seek help, ideally before pregnancy. Even cannabis use can become habit and compulsive.

When a couple decides to have a child and bring another life into this world, their lives will change into something more than just taking care of themselves and each other. Your life suddenly revolves around taking care of a young person who cannot do it on their own. It is a great responsibility and should be treated as such. This is why it is so a qualified drug and alcohol treatment center.

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