Dealing with drug or alcohol dependency feels like being a tree in the storm. Even those with the deepest roots get tossed and turned, liable to come crashing down at any minute. If you know that you need to get your life back on track, but you don’t know where to start, there is help. Many people and programs have dedicated themselves to guiding you to healing. An intensive outpatient treatment program for drugs and alcohol could be a convenient and effective option. These programs allow clients to get the support they need while maintaining much of their normal schedule. Here are some steps to choosing an IOP in Louisiana.

Step 1: Understanding Drug & Alcohol Use

The vast majority of Americans, about 85%, said they had an alcoholic drink at some point in their life, according to federal data. But, for some, an occasional drink becomes much more: About 25% of people said they engaged in binge drinking in the past month.

Roughly 14.5 million Americans reported behavior consistent with an alcohol use disorder (commonly known as alcoholism) according to the survey. That figure includes 9 million men and 5.5 million women. So, if you’re struggling, you are not alone. There are many who feel trapped in the cycle of alcohol abuse.

In addition, about 50% of people older than 12 admitted that they have tried an illicit drug at least once, according to federal surveys. However, it’s not without risk: There have been more than 700,000 overdose deaths since 2000.

Step 2: Asking for Help with Your Addiction

Don’t become a statistic. If you are suffering from addiction, you can speak to a loved one, friend, or health professional about starting your healing. Or, send us a chat right on this web page! Asking for help is often the hardest decision, but it’s the first one you need to make. Not only can your loved ones or caring professionals help you decide on next steps; but also, they can support you as you take them.

Step 3: Deciding Between Residential Addiction Treatment & IOP

When someone chooses to head to rehab for alcohol or drug addiction in Louisiana, there are two main options. First, there is in-patient care, which involves patients living at a treatment facility to receive 24/7 support in their healing. This program is best for people without much support in their normal life, or those who would benefit from around-the-clock care. At Longbranch, our residents live in a beautiful historic building in Abita Springs, and heal the mind, body, spirit, and family through superior clinical care, a comprehensive wellness program, chef-cooked meals, and more.

Intensive outpatient therapy is another option. The actual treatment mix is similar to residential care, but IOP clients go home at the end of the day. This allows them to get recovery support while continuing their day-to-day-life. This program is best for people with a safe home environment and an ability to stay clean and sober in between sessions. Longbranch offers IOP in Metairie and Covington.

Depending on the nature of your use, it also is important to consult a doctor about detoxing. The process can be dangerous and it’s often best approached under professional care.

If you’re not sure which type of care is best for you, contact our team by email, call, or chat right on this page.

Step 4: Paying For IOP

IOP is less expensive than residential addiction treatment, but the cost may still seem overwhelming. However, there are many ways to make intensive outpatient programs affordable. For instance, most insurance providers will help cover a significant portion of the cost of outpatient treatment. The program of your choice also may offer scholarships or payment plans in certain cases. Finally, you may wish to finance your treatment through a healthcare loan provider or a bank loan.

Each member of our admissions team is an expert in helping those in need find care. They can help you put together a realistic payment plan with just a few short phone calls.

Step 5: Finding An IOP Program

Above all, you must feel comfortable in whatever program you choose, so you can be honest enough to heal from the roots. Reach out to our caring staff at Longbranch Recovery today to learn more about our treatment options in Louisiana, and build the trust you need to move forward into a better life.

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