Covington Evidence Based Addiction Treatment

Best Evidence Based Addiction Treatment in Covington, LA

At Longbranch Recovery and Wellness Center, we utilize innovative and proven evidence-based techniques to treat substance use disorders. Our environment allows for vulnerability and promotes healing. With proven therapeutic modalities and a support system designed for men and women with addiction, we provide the perfect place to heal from your substance abuse.

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Proven Addiction Interventions

We understand the importance of proven, evidence-based approaches for individuals with substance abuse. Our methods are backed by extensive scientific research, accrediting bodies, and state and national licensure boards. We aim to provide life-changing care in Covington, Louisiana and beyond.

Our licensed clinicians utilize proven evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorders, including:

We also provide proven experiential therapy that provides structure, motivation, and deep personal insight for individuals with substance abuse. These methods include: 

Various forms of Therapy for Anyone With Addiction

When utilizing various evidence-based practices for anyone with addiction, you must implement them in the right therapeutic environment. At Longbranch Recovery Center, we rely on different settings to help the individuals we treat open up and heal from their drug or alcohol use. Anyone who enters Longbranch Recovery will participate in proven therapeutic modalities to treat addiction. 

Individual Therapy

At Longbranch Recovery, individual therapy is the perfect place for our clients to begin to open up about their alcohol abuse and their past. This evidence-based practice produces positive outcomes and allows our clients a safe space to process some of the more intimate details of the past without fearing judgment from others. Our therapists are highly trained, compassionate professionals who desire to see men and women heal from the trauma of their past and find a brighter future.

Group Therapy

Often, individuals come into addiction treatment with the idea that their drug use history is unique. Utilizing evidence-based behavioral therapies in a group setting allows people to see that others have had similar experiences, are able to talk about them, and are beginning to heal. At Longbranch Recovery, we aim to provide a safe space to be vulnerable with others and connect on an emotional and spiritual level. Isolation is one of the key components of relapse. Peer support during addiction treatment and in sobriety is vital for success in recovery. 

Experiential Therapy

At Longbranch Recovery, we recognize the importance of getting outdoors and have implemented a variety of evidence-based treatments. Experiential therapy allows our clients to use expressive tools, activities, and other methods to heal from their alcohol and drug abuse. 

Our quaint facility sits on the beautiful St. Tammany Trace in Covington, LA, providing the perfect backdrop for therapeutic nature walks and meditative reflections. Therapeutic nature walks offer a chance to unwind, recharge, and find solace amidst the challenges of addiction recovery

Family Therapy

The disease of addiction and alcoholism affects more than just the person in active addiction. It affects the entire family system. Bonds are broken, and trust is lost. At Longbranch Recovery, we offer an intensive family program designed to help you begin to resolve the issues of the past and join your loved one on their journey of recovery. 

Each willing family member will participate in educational, individual, group, and experiential therapy much like their loved one does in treatment. Providing family members a better understanding of the disease of addiction and the tools needed to help support their loved one in the process. 

Therapeutic Support System Designed for Individuals with Addiction

Longbranch Recovery and Wellness Center has an evidence-based therapeutic support system designed for individuals with addition. Our clinician-led group counseling sessions are designed to help the clients we treat heal from their substance addiction and begin to connect with other like-minded individuals. However, a life in recovery is more than just connecting with others in a group therapy setting. Here, we have taken it a step further.

Our program offers a unique fellowship for the men and women that enter our substance abuse treatment program, something to belong to and take pride in. This camaraderie can’t be replicated. Once our client’s complete treatment, we invite them to join our alumni fellowship of recovered men and women . The amazing part of this connection is that it begins in our facility. 

As the men and women we treat progress through treatment, we help guide them in connecting with those just entering treatment. They become their buddy and help them through the early parts of their recovery journey. 

Much like Alcoholics Anonymous, this support to the newcomer allows each individual in or program to begin meaningful relationships with other sober people from day one in addiction treatment. It gives our residents with more tenure, a sense of purpose, and the opportunity to feel useful. This process provides a new sense of purpose and direction for those who have often felt lost for years. 

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Longbranch Recovery and Wellness Center in St. Tammany Parish provides evidence-based treatment in a unique setting designed for individuals to recover from their addiction. With a combination of mental health services, behavioral therapies, and experiential therapy, we offer personalized treatment plans to help you develop the skills needed to achieve and maintain sobriety. 

Drug and alcohol use can take a toll on your life. Call now for more information on how our evidence-based addiction treatment programs can help you heal. Begin healing from the roots at Longbranch Recovery.